Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Did all of my classes for Photoshop and Lightroom pay off? YOU DECIDE...

I have been taking some free classes at B&H Photo, watching tons of videos on Youtube, reading other Photographer's Blogs and Lynda.com. With all of this new information on how to fix my photos even better than before I would like some FEEDBACK FROM MY AUDIENCE....Please.


Below is a link to some photos from my thousands and thousands of travel photos that I have taken over the years and started to Redo some of them a little at a time. I am amazed at how many photos I actually have taken. My trip to Morocco had almost 2,200 and my trip to India a few years ago had almost 3,500-that is just 2 trips. I am posting the photos on Flickr right now and will decide how to get them to my site later on at www.richardsilverphoto.com


Corpus Christi, Cuzco Peru

Ayre Hotel, Oviedo, Spain (Santiago Calatrava)
Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KLM airlines will be featuring me in their iFly Magazine in September...

I was contacted by KLM airlines about my Tilt-Shift photos. They found me online when searching for this type of photography. Apparently they were impressed enough to contact me and feature me in their September 2012 issue. 5 photos were chosen for the isssue. Each month they choose a photographer associated with travel and this issue I seemed to be the right fit for what they were looking for.
Here is their website....

New York, Machu Picchu, Paris, Hawaii, Santorini were the places chosen for the spread. Here are 2 of what they will use.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Finished taking a Lighting course at ICP in New York...

For about 8 weeks I have been taking an interior lighting course at ICP. The class was learning about Strobe and Tungsten lighting and showed us how to use both types of lights for interior real estate photography. I was teaching myself a better way to shoot interiors using Speedlites, Nikon, and found the class to give me lots of insight on proper lighting procedures.

I am attaching a few of my finished images. I had the opportunity to take photos for a client, Barbara from "A Proper Place" and James from "Sold with Style". Two beautiful apartments, samples below with a flickr page link attached.