Monday, December 23, 2013

"MEAT" the World...How the World Sells MEAT

I travel the world and am constantly fascinated by the way that people live and sell goods. "MEAT" has always been one of my favorite items to photograph. The incredible ways that it is sold and stored. Be it that I am from New York all of our MEAT is refrigerated but in many parts of the world they sell it out in the open un-refrigerated which amazes me. It is so surprising to me how unsanitary some of these conditions are but people just do not seem to get sick.
(I apologize in advance if this might have offended anyone).

Suwon, South Korea

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Sucre, Bolivia

Amman, Jordan 

Fes, Morocco 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Salar de Unyni, Bolivia  

Langa Township, Cape Town South Africa

Potosi, Bolivia 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Over 50 Websites have posted my "Vertical Churches"...

     Since the original article from The Telegraph on November 24th my Vertical Churches have been picked up by a number of other news services.
First by MailOnline also in the UK, then DerStandard in Germany picked it up and now the photos have been posted in over a dozen countries worldwide. 
     But my favorite one so far is the one from thisisnthappiness blog. So far I have over 6,100 hits, the previous article about Kate Moss in Playboy with nude photos of her only had 2,600 hits. 
People would rather see my Churches then Kate Moss naked? Really???

How about you?

And here are some of my "Vertical Church" Photos.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sunday Telegraph Seven Magazine, November 24, 2013...

I travel the world to take photos.
It's a dream job, right?
At least that's what everyone tells me. 

I've been fortunate enough to have my
photos posted online for the world to see.

Most recently...

The Telegraph in the UK posted an article
about my "Vertical Churches".

Check it out:


PAGE 11  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"LIBRARIES OF THE WORLD" in Global Yodel...

I was recently requested to post to an amazing Blog, 
Global Yodel,  "travel through a local lens" is their motto. Since I have done mucho traveling I decided to do a piece on Libraries of the World.
They gave me some questions to answer and we posted 5 Photos, here is the link along with a couple of the photos...


Mexico City

Friday, November 8, 2013

I just returned from Krakow and Warsaw, Poland...

Having been to almost every EU country I was happily surprised with the beauty and history of Poland. Not truly knowing how traumatized Poland was during WW2 by the Germans and later on the Russians, it was an eye opening trip for me. We did also go to Auschwitz-Birkenau along with seeing the beautiful Wilanow Palace outside of Warsaw.


St. Mary's Cathedral
Krakow at Sundown
"Work will set you Free"
Fire Breathing Dragon 


Palace of Culture and Science
Golden Terrace Zloties Tarasy
Jewish Ghetto Building
Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Royal Palace Warsaw Knights Hall
Tilt Shift Old Town Warsaw

Sunday, October 13, 2013 BLOG, BEHOLD..."Capturing a Stunning Church...

"Capturing a Stunning Church from Entrance to Altar in One Image" 

by David Rosenberg...

Making photographs can be a religious experience.
For photographer Richard Silver, his epiphany occurred during a visit to a church in New York last year that got him thinking about how to document the interior from the altar to the entrance—in one shot.
But Silver’s own body proved to be the biggest hindrance, refusing to budge in his attempt at capturing the perfect shot. “The first time I did it, I almost hurt my neck by trying to shoot the ceiling without physically turning around,” he wrote via email. Because he isn’t a contortionist, Silver decided to blend a series of images in Photoshop to create the panoramas for “Vertical Churches.”
To capture the interiors, Silver shoots in the church’s center aisle, taking between six and 10 vertical images. He then puts together the images using Lightroom and Photoshop. He was pleasantly surprised with his initial results and started running around New York looking for more churches to photograph.
Getting the shots hasn’t been easy. Often churches are closed, and many don’t allow Silver to use a tripod. He often shoots with wide-angle lenses, typically a 24-70 mm lens, though if a church is really wide, he’ll bring a 14-24 mm lens. Depending on the light inside the church, Silver works to bring out details such as stained glass windows during the post-production process.
Silver’s images aren’t limited to New York. He constantly travels, looking for new churches to photograph around the world. “I feel compelled to photograph the world in a unique way, to try to open up the way people see the common sites we have all seen,” he said.
That vision isn’t only about his panoramic imagery. Silver also has a passion for tilt-shift photography, and he cites Olivo Barbieri as one of his tilt-shift photography idols. 
Although he has visited hundreds of churches around the world, Silver continues to be awed by what he captures. “I am fascinated how the results are very similar to each other, sort of like the inside of a turtle shell,” he said. “With my vertical church shots, I capture much more detail that is lost even when you are there in person. To add the whole photo together and see it in that manner, it still blows me away today.”
David Rosenberg is the editor of Slate’s Behold blog. He has worked as a photo editor for 15 years and is a tennis junkie.
Left: Saint Vincent de Paul, Los Angeles. Right: Saint Jean Baptiste, New York
Left: Hallgrímskirkja Iceland Right: St. Andreas, Düsseldorf
Left: Augustinian Church, Vienna. Right: The Basilica of Saint Patrick's Old Cathedral, New York
Left: Iglesia de San Francisco, Mexico City. Right: Catherdral of the Holy Name, Mumbai, India.

Monday, September 30, 2013

ArtStar and Amazon Art Pop Up Gallery...

ArtStar and Amazon Art invite you to...

Cocktails in ArtStar's 
New Pop-Up Gallery

Thursday, October 3rd
From 6:00-8:00

215 Bowery
New York City, NY 10002
(On Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some Yellowkorner Updates/Photos...

I just wanted to share some photos from my Photo Signing last week at Yellowkorner in Soho. 
Great turnout as usual.

This past week I also went to Los Angeles and dropped by the new Yellowkorner store that was opened in September in Newport Beach at Fashion Island. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Designed to Appeal", staging of Apt.#2 @ 110 Duane Street...$5,999,000

Timothy Rothman of the Corcoran Group has apartment #2 at 110 Duane Street for sale asking $5,999,000.
Here is a link to see the apartment...

The apartment was vacant when he received the listing but with the assistance of Brad and Donna of "Designed to Appeal" , they turned the apartment into an amazing HOME.

There are around 9 of my Photos hanging on the walls of this spectacular 4,000 Square Foot Loft. Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway and Bathroom. Below are some photos.

"Tilt Shift NY Skyline"
"HDR NY Public Library"
 "Tilt Shift Vegas Pool"
"Milky Halong Bay & Tilt Shift Taj Mahal"

Monday, August 12, 2013

TIME MAGAZINE..."The World's 100 Most Important Places"

TIME Magazine printed a book recently of 
"The World's 100 Most Important Places"
It is separated into 9 different categories. 
The 1st Category is CULTURE. 
These are my Photos of... 

1-Pyramid of Khufu and Sphinx

2-The Acropolis


4-Confucius Temple

5-Historic Kyoto

6-Machu Picchu

7-Kathmandu Valley

8-Imperial Rome

9-Easter Island

10-Nazca Lines