Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Designed to Appeal", staging of Apt.#2 @ 110 Duane Street...$5,999,000

Timothy Rothman of the Corcoran Group has apartment #2 at 110 Duane Street for sale asking $5,999,000.
Here is a link to see the apartment...

The apartment was vacant when he received the listing but with the assistance of Brad and Donna of "Designed to Appeal" , they turned the apartment into an amazing HOME.

There are around 9 of my Photos hanging on the walls of this spectacular 4,000 Square Foot Loft. Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway and Bathroom. Below are some photos.

"Tilt Shift NY Skyline"
"HDR NY Public Library"
 "Tilt Shift Vegas Pool"
"Milky Halong Bay & Tilt Shift Taj Mahal"

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