Friday, August 31, 2012

Just got App...I am now my own App...

     I saw this App a few months back and thought it was amazing. It allows you to be an App for the iPad and iPhone. It is still in the beta phase but I signed up for it early and am so psyched to be able to have it first.
     To get it up and running was pretty easy. You upload images, information about yourself and you design the way the App looks. There are many people in the Photography industry who should look at this seriously because I think it is another tool to differentiate you from the rest.
     The uniqueness of this product makes it a stand out item. If you go to  (not com) you can sign up for early access.

This is the link to my App at iconify

This is how my App looks...

Here are a few photos that I chose to use for my portfolios...

This is my Background
My "NY Sliced" Portfolio
My "Other Stuff" Portfolio

Monday, August 20, 2012

Richard Silver Photo, August "Newsletter"...Sign up for future Newsletters

I sent out my New "Newsletter" for August this week and last week. Last week it was sent out to the New York Designers that I am affiliated with and this week to my complete mailing list.
If you are interested in receiving my Newsletter please email me at and I will send it to you starting next month.
Thank you.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I took a tour of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Plant "Eggs"...

Once a month the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant gives a tour of the plant. The architectural sweet spot of the tour are the "EGGS".  You can see them when you drive in and out of the city from the Midtown Tunnel over the L.I.E. Many people do not even know what they are, I didn't at first either.
Weather was kind of cloudy and white so it wasn't the best day for photos but the tour was interesting none the less. I was amazed at how many people go on this tour, there were about 150 people in all. Apparently colleges take some of their students on this tour. 
For better photos you would need to be at a distance to capture all of the Eggs as a full shot but here are some close up shots that I took.

Here is the Flickr Link...

Newtown Creek Egg
Newtown Creek Eggs
Future Water Tanks Project

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A new way to see NY Churches...

     Since using my Nikon D800 I have been experimenting more and more. Recently I was playing around with Panorama's from some of my older photos and was personally impressed with some of the results. Inspired by those photos I decided to go out and try something different. 
    Traveling as much as I do I am always blown away by the world's religious buildings, especially the intricate interior details. With that being said in New York we have some pretty amazing hidden treasures of churches. Brooklyn has a tremendous amount that I need to go shoot but I started with some Manhattan churches first. 
     So far I have had some trouble getting churches to shoot. 5 of them were closed, 2 under construction and 1 I was not allowed to shoot with a tripod. The ones I did shoot, 5 so far are posted at my Flickr account attached. 
The way I shot them was this: Be in the middle aisle, shoot from the pew to the back in a circle to get the ceiling in full. Camera is on my tripod and get to shoot straight up the ceiling and them change the direction of the camera to keep a smooth transition. I then use Lightroom, Lens Correction then to Photoshop to use their stitching mode which is Photomerge. Play around with the Puppet Warp because when shooting with a 14mm Nikon lens you get some warping when shooting ceilings.

The Church of Xavier St. Francis

The Most Holy Redeemer Church 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Photos are for sale at ABC Carpet & Home in New York...

ABC Carpet & Home in New York city has teamed up with Yellowkorner and are selling photos of a few photographer's at their flagship store. I am one of those photographer's. They are carrying 4 of my pieces.
If you go to the 4th floor on the right side there are 3 photos hanging already and my Tilt Shift Mykonos should be hanging on the Mezzazine level by next week. The photos they have now are Tilt Shift: Tokyo Street, Machu Picchu and Petra Ruins.

Here is ABC's website link...

Here is a photo from the store...

4th Floor of ABC Carpet

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Testing Timelapse Photography on my Nikon far amazing results

     I have been fascinated with timelapse photography for a while now but have never tried it. I bought the new Nikon D800 which has the capacity to do Timelapse in camera which makes life so much easier. After going online to see how it's done and the difficulty for others that have to do it post production, I realized that having the ability to do it in camera makes life rosy.
     I went to my friends apartment who lives on the Hudson River in Yonkers New York. His view is of the river and the outlying rocky terrain. Boats go up and down the Hudson and it is a very open view. With these components and a cloudy day it seemed a great opportunity to try it out. See the link below...

     My second attempt was taken from my apartment on West 26th Street. I have a great view of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building along with just a pure open view of the city. I probably started a bit too early, as my intention was to get the change from day to night but am pretty happy with the results. The cloud movement is very surprising in all of my videos.
See the link below...

My Bedroom View