Friday, August 31, 2012

Just got App...I am now my own App...

     I saw this App a few months back and thought it was amazing. It allows you to be an App for the iPad and iPhone. It is still in the beta phase but I signed up for it early and am so psyched to be able to have it first.
     To get it up and running was pretty easy. You upload images, information about yourself and you design the way the App looks. There are many people in the Photography industry who should look at this seriously because I think it is another tool to differentiate you from the rest.
     The uniqueness of this product makes it a stand out item. If you go to  (not com) you can sign up for early access.

This is the link to my App at iconify

This is how my App looks...

Here are a few photos that I chose to use for my portfolios...

This is my Background
My "NY Sliced" Portfolio
My "Other Stuff" Portfolio

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