Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Testing Timelapse Photography on my Nikon far amazing results

     I have been fascinated with timelapse photography for a while now but have never tried it. I bought the new Nikon D800 which has the capacity to do Timelapse in camera which makes life so much easier. After going online to see how it's done and the difficulty for others that have to do it post production, I realized that having the ability to do it in camera makes life rosy.
     I went to my friends apartment who lives on the Hudson River in Yonkers New York. His view is of the river and the outlying rocky terrain. Boats go up and down the Hudson and it is a very open view. With these components and a cloudy day it seemed a great opportunity to try it out. See the link below...

     My second attempt was taken from my apartment on West 26th Street. I have a great view of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building along with just a pure open view of the city. I probably started a bit too early, as my intention was to get the change from day to night but am pretty happy with the results. The cloud movement is very surprising in all of my videos.
See the link below...

My Bedroom View

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