Monday, December 23, 2013

"MEAT" the World...How the World Sells MEAT

I travel the world and am constantly fascinated by the way that people live and sell goods. "MEAT" has always been one of my favorite items to photograph. The incredible ways that it is sold and stored. Be it that I am from New York all of our MEAT is refrigerated but in many parts of the world they sell it out in the open un-refrigerated which amazes me. It is so surprising to me how unsanitary some of these conditions are but people just do not seem to get sick.
(I apologize in advance if this might have offended anyone).

Suwon, South Korea

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Sucre, Bolivia

Amman, Jordan 

Fes, Morocco 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Salar de Unyni, Bolivia  

Langa Township, Cape Town South Africa

Potosi, Bolivia 

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