Sunday, January 4, 2015

Random Groups of People...

Whenever I travel I am fascinated to be able to grab groups of people and get them to be photographed by me. It is hard enough to get one person, let alone a whole group of people to allow you to take their picture. 
In Asia, mostly India, it is much easier. Sometimes they ask you to take their photo. It's much harder in European and Western cultures to get this done (unless it is a group of drunk people). South America it is also a much easier task to accomplish.
Here is a random selection of Groups of People from throughout Asia.

Guys in Goa, India 

Children in Horton Plains, Sri Lanka
Religious Young men in Mumbai, India 

Women at Ajanta Caves, India 

A Religious Ceremony in Mumbai, India 

Women in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) 

Chinese Students in Beijing, China

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