Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Panorama's..................Lots of Panorama's......

     I was reading an article last week about Panorama's and another article about going back to look at old photos. So what I did was put the 2 of those ideas together and I came up with fixing all of my Panorama photos.
     I've taken Panorama's from so many places and have not posted them anywhere for others to see my work. I figured it was time to go back and get them all done and ready to show the world. Once the project got started I was amazed as to how many I actually took.
     The easiest way to get them on the web is through my Flickr account but they will probably be posted at my www.richardsilvephoto.com site for sale next month.

Here are a few examples with the link to my Flickr Set...

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janiero

Washington DC, Memorial to Memorial
Wadi Rum, Jordan
New York from 7 World Trade Center

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