Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Petapixel.com and jpgmag.com have both promoted my New York Sliced Photos...

This morning I received an email from www.jpgmag.com about their Paint the Town contest and saw that my Photo "New York Sliced - The Flatiron Building" was Photo of the Week!
Later on today I was contacted by Michael Zhang of www.petapixel.com ( an amazing blog I must say) and he posted my "New York Sliced" series at this blog too today.

Here is the JPG site...

JPGYour World In Pictures

Photo of the Week

JPG photo
New York Sliced - The Flatiron Building Richard SilverNominated byDaniel Powell.

Best Of Photo Challenge: Sports in Motion

As the saying goes... Lights, Camera, Action! Here are our picks from the Sports in Motion photo challenge.Read more...
(Photo: Christy Popkes)

Pink and Amber Skies

A visual symphony awaits you every evening...the sunset. Take ten to fifteen minutes at least a couple of times a week to get a truly relaxing experience when the day winds down to the night. Read more...
(Photo: J Epp)

JPG Shoot Out Contests Now Voting

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Dog DaysBelieve In Heroes
Breasts... They Need Your Support! 

Open Photo Challenges

Photo Challenge: Paint Scheme

For this challenge it is all about paint and what you can do with it. Paint is not just for buildings or children's coloring books, but, also great for portrait photography. So get out there and paint it up!!! (Photo: Donna Mullins)

Photo Challenge: Interior Architectural Design

This photo challenge is all about Interior Architectural Design. Think fancy hotel lobbies, sleek indoor spas, somewhere with clean lines, marvelous textures and exquisite lighting. (Photo: antonio chiumenti)

Photo Challenge: Breakfast of Champions

Are you the type that just starts with a coffee in the morning or do you fuel up on a big hearty breakfast? In this week's photo challenge show us your breakfast of champions.
(Photo: joe simpson)

JPG Versus

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Member of the Week:
Jeff Blucher

JPG photo
Jeff Blucher creates images with meaning, beauty, and thought behind them.
Nominated by MindTheStep.

Story of the Week:
Land of Plastic Misfits

JPG photo
by Jenna Kim
"We ARE having fun!"
Nominated by ajtiM.

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Here is www.Petapixel.com... 

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